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Nathalie Casemajor

Culture, numérique, territoires

Action culturelle, médias numériques, mobilisation citoyenne, médiation culturelle, médiation des savoirs, visualité



Nathalie Casemajor is an Assistant Professor in the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre at INRS (Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Montreal). Her work focuses on cultural development, citizen engagement and digital culture. She is the coordinator of the Observatory of Cultural Mediations (OMEC) and coedited the book Expériences critiques de la médiation culturelle (PUL, 2017). She also conducted research projects on cultural institutions and Wikipedia, blockchain and the circulation of artworks on the Web. She is a former board member of Wikimedia Canada.


Recent projects

Digital Cultural Practices and Participatory Platforms: Opportunities and Challenges (2017-2018)

Atikamekw knowledge, culture and language in Wikimedia projects (2016-2017, website)



Coordinator of the Observatoire des médiations culturelles (OMEC)


Member of the Chaire Fernand Dumont sur la culture (INRS)


Member of the Laboratoire art et société, théories et terrains (l/as/tt, INRS)


Collaborator of the LabCMO


Associate member of CÉLAT-UQAM