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Network with consequences: social imaginaries of the blockchain


Following the 2017 ICO mania (Initial Coin Offering), the speculative and mediatic bubble around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies seems to have come - at least for now - to an halt. What's next for blockchain then? The emergence of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) has triggered a new age of monetary experimentation which effects extend far beyond a redefinition of money per se. Economy and governance are two sides of the same token. More and more people are experimenting with new logics and protocols of self-organization, embracing and inventing different networked-based p2p models of self-organization and value production along the way. Are we moving toward what Lovink and Rossiter have dubbed "organized networks" or "networks with consequences"? What are the thresholds of financialization defining these new organizational forms? What are the social-political concerns and aesthetical enabling constraints that contribute to the shaping of these new value propositions?

Roundtable hosts


  • Erik Bordeleau (Fugitive Finance designer at Economic Space Agency and researcher at the SenseLab, Concordia University)
  • Nathalie Casemajor (Assistant Prof. at INRS, Centre Urbanisation Culture Société) 

Guests speakers


  • Tiberius Brastaviceanu is the Co-Founder of Sensorica (Montreal), the world’s first commons-based peer production network focused on open hardware development, production and distribution. Active in developing sustainable, self-organising ecosystems based on open innovation, Tiberius is focused on business models that are based on p2p economics principles and rely on p2p technologies.
  • Andrea (Andy) Morales designs innovative products, services, and experiences, through the lens of play. For 7 years, she has used traditional storytelling and game design thinking to create new strategic opportunities for businesses and social movements. She is currently the Senior Design Strategist at the Cryptosystems Productization Lab, a ConsenSys venture with the mission to move beyond theory and discover the limits and real properties of novel cryptosystems by observing them in production.




  • Joel E. Mason (Economic Space Agency core member and researcher at the SenseLab (Concordia University) 

À NOTER : l'évènement se déroulera en anglais (car en marge du colloque de l'Association of Internet Researchers). Si vous souhaitez poser une question en français nous pourrons vous aider à traduire.



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